Legal and tax advice in Cyprus

You want to establish a company in Cyprus or you want to take advantage of the Cyprus Non Dom status by moving your residence to Cyprus? Just visit for more information.

Hugge Consult has been the english speaking specialist for Cyprus company formation and Cyprus tax advice for over 20 years. No intermediaries, no agency, no hidden costs. With Hugge Consult you receive all services seamlessly and from one source. Hugge Consult has the required license for tax advisors in Cyprus according to the legal regulations of the Republic of Cyprus (SELK certificate). Furthermore, we have had the quality of our services regularly checked and certified for many years.

Establish a company in Cyprus in a legally secure way

Hugge is not an intermediary! Rather, our company consists of specialists with many years of experience, employed accountants, in-house tax consultants and our law firm.

Therefore, you can trust us not only to establish your company in Cyprus in a legally secure manner, but also to advise and support you and your company in Cyprus after its establishment, as you would expect from experienced tax advisors and lawyers.

Company formation Cyprus – without hidden costs!

Our fees have been stable for over 10 years. And even the fact that we have expanded our team by another 4 colleagues in the last five years alone has not changed our fees. Of course, we owe this primarily to a steadily growing client base through numerous personal referrals, but obviously also to our philosophy – a fixed fee in advance, no hidden costs!

Incorporate Cyprus incl. bookkeeping, balance sheet, audit, english speaking advice
The comprehensive services of our full service package for Cyprus company formation can be found under „Fees and running costs“.


– Including legal advice – legal advice regarding your Cyprus company is already included in the annual fee package.
– Including bookkeeping, payroll and monthly value added tax (VAT) return.
– Including tax advice, accounting and audit – the audit is done by our certified accountant.
– Including banking service to open your business account – of course with online banking and a VISA or also MasterCard – 20+ options worldwide.
– Including business consulting for business analysis, evaluation and ongoing advice.
– Including IT consulting by our in-house IT specialists.
– Start-up fees and annual fee flat rate – no hidden costs!

Office service and permanent establishment service – depending on your individual needs, we offer you all options (permanent establishment Cyprus).


Hugge Consult offers you all services for a fixed incorporation and annual fee agreed in advance.

Whether it is the incorporation of the company in Cyprus, the advice and support under the Non-Dom Program, the ongoing accounting, the monthly VAT return, the Reg. Office and Reg. Agent costs, the annual accounts, the balance sheet or even the audit – the fees published here cover everything you and your local company need. You are always in the best hands with our lawyers and tax advisors.


It is important to us to present you with the relevant facts about company formation Cyprus and administration of a Cyprus company in a detailed and easy to understand manner. We hope that we have succeeded in doing so. We hope you enjoy reading our pages and that you will gain many new insights!